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Handle calls easily with this business phone software

Callcloud is a business and productivity software that allows you to handle your work-related calls with ease. Developed by the Berry Team of Berry Telecom, this program is part of the product packages offered by, a popular VoIP provider in the United Kingdom. It has a wide variety of telecommunication features designed for businesses and is the program you’ll be using to configure your unique phone system.

Your professional phone

As a VoIP system, Callcloud primarily features unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK. You can keep your current phone numbers or let Callcloud select new ones for you. It’s quite easy to set up and if you ever have any problems, there are live support teams available to help. The VoIP provider offers plans and packages for its services, which include the Callcloud desktop program and even IP handsets from trusted brands.

The features you’ll find in this software are great for working remotely or at home. Callcloud can be accessed via either the desktop or mobile apps. You won’t need to miss any more calls this way. You can also use a desktop-compatible phone handset plugged directly into the broadband router to manage the calls. Linking the two allows you to see relevant caller information before and during your call on your PC.

The software’s communication functions also include monitoring and recording of calls for improving your business’ customer service. However, this system doesn’t just stop at VoIP. You also get video-conferencing, CRM integration, voicemails, a virtual receptionist tool, and forwarding and transfer of calls. Perhaps the only drawback to all of this is that there’s no company license package bundle for anyone wanting discounts and you can only input the number of users.

The exact number

Overall, Callcloud is a great program to have since you get other features and even actual equipment when you avail it. You can work while on the go or away from the office. Plus, it lets you customize your phone system to be the type of automated customer service you want for your business. However, it’s quite exacting on its pricing and there are no bundles for larger groups of users to get discounts and extra features.


  • Has a mobile app
  • Can link to a compatible handset
  • Video conferencing feature
  • Offers a virtual receptionist


  • No company or business bundles for the plan

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Callcloud 1.0 for PC

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